The City of Fort Worth has officially put out a request for proposals for the redevelopment of the Community Arts Center at 1300 Gendy St. The proposal calls for "highly qualified firms... to reimagine the Community Arts Center property... as a world-class cultural hub and redevelop the property accordingly" -- no pressure, though.

The three buildings making up the Community Arts Center were constructed over three decadesSource: City of Fort Worth

The redevelopment plan was estimated to cost $26.1mm in 2022, though this has since been revised to $30mm due to inflation and market conditions. The proposals, which are due on September 14, will face the challenges set forth by a public task force:

  • Incorporate the architecture of the existing building.
  • Include an incubator for emerging artists and a live theatre space.
  • Include existing tenants if it is economically feasible.

Currently housing nine non-profits and five studio artists, the Community Arts Center will have its fate decided by a committee of five, which consists of City officials and community stakeholders.

A historic site such as the Community Arts Center would be a great feather in any architect or developer's cap. The resume-building value of the project could make the red tape surrounding the project worth it.