In March 2024 Creation Equity, an Arizona-based investment firm with offices in Dallas, completed their latest project, Fort West Commerce Center. The aptly named three-building, 561,601 SF industrial development is located on 31.71 acres in Northwest Fort Worth. Creation developed the site with J.P. Morgan Global Alternatives as part of their 2022 joint venture whose goal is to invest $1bn in industrial real estate across the sunbelt. The Wall Street-backed trio of warehouses was constructed by LGE Design Build, an Arizona-based architecture and construction company that, like Creation, has offices in Dallas.

The complex is currently 70% leased by two credit tenants, with Holt Lunsford Commercial marketing the remaining space. Big Ass Fans, a company that, despite its name, manufactures fans of all sizes, has leased one of the buildings. They plan to use the 221,444 SF space as a distribution hub, office, and showroom. Defense giant Lockheed Martin has leased another one of the buildings, planning to use the 136,165 SF space for storage and distribution. The remaining building offers 173,992 SF of space but can accommodate multiple tenants. The smallest space available in the unleased building is 43,498 SF.

Fort Worth's continued growth as an industrial hub is not completely isolated to the Alliance areaSource: Google Maps

Location-wise, the Fort West Commerce Center offers prime access to highways. This ease of access to major arteries enhances the asset's practicality as a distribution center. Additionally, Fort Worth offers the asset easy access to other means of transportation: the asset is 4.4 miles from Meacham International Airport, 14.9 miles from Fort Worth Alliance Airport, and 23.6 miles from DFW International Airport.

While at first glance appearing to be nothing more than three large white boxes in a parking lot, the complex is ergonomically designed to maximize efficiency.  The complex's 31.71-acre footprint offers ample space for entry, egress, and parking. Big Ass Fan's building offers 36' clearance and a front-load layout while the other two offer 32' clearance and a rear-load layout. All three buildings offer ample parking spots for employee vehicles.

The three buildings' proximity to the highway is on full display in this aerial photoSource: Creation Equity

The North Fort Worth and Alliance submarkets provide an exceptional location for distribution facilities such as Fort West. Easy access to intermodal transit hubs, including the cargo-only Alliance Fort Worth Airport and rail access, provide transit options beyond simple highway access. The submarkets' location complements DFW's prime geographic position: The Metroplex's central location within the continental US makes it an ideal origin point for nationwide distribution.