In May 2023, the City of Fort Worth authorized a posse (approved support of a nonprofit management organization) for the Historic Stockyards. The entity, which will be modeled upon pre-existing nonprofits for Downtown Fort Worth and Near Southside will take the reins on the management of the area. Appropriately, it will be called Stockyards Preservation Foundation of Fort Worth Inc. Personally, I would've used a more fun name.

The Stockyards, whose charm is known by tourists and locals alike, will have its planning, advocacy, and management taken on by the entity. Suggestions include using funds from the Stockyards Public Improvement District (the PID) to hire professional management for the organization. The entity will accept both donations and membership dues while being governed by a board of directors.

It is unclear if the meetings will occur outside the saloon at high noonSource: Shutterstock

As the City of Fort Worth continues their push to enhance tourism, providing the Stockyards with purpose-built management should come as a big help. The City may contract with the entity to manage the PID and the PID Advisory Board. For investors in the area, this should help with ensuring projects can be coordinated with the local government effectively. Having a group that is devoted to the Stockyards will allow its unique characteristics to be accounted for without acting as roadblocks to progress.

As long as this nonprofit doesn't hang up its spurs, Fort Worth should be able to keep the tumbleweeds out of their boom town.