On March 16, Valley View Mall, the dilapidated structure near the intersection of the Dallas North Tollway and 635, finally began its final phase of demolition.

Although not fully closed until 2021, the mall had been operating with just a single tenant, AMC Theaters, since 2015 (if you were wondering, walking through a partially demolished mall to get to the movies is just as disconcerting as it sounds). The City of Dallas ordered the mall to be demolished in November 2022 and that December the owner began the process of asbestos removal.

Since the asbestos removal began, however, the vacant mall has become a hotbed of criminal activities. These ruffians, either unaware of or undeterred by the potential carcinogens, had made the vacant space their own. February 2023 saw a number of fires, causing some non-life-threatening injuries to firefighters. As a result, the Dallas Police Department is considering designating the mall as a "habitual criminal property," with a final decision on the matter expected in April 2023. It is unclear if the fires were related to the lack of asbestos flame-proofing.

What story about a failed mall is complete without a department store tenant photo?Wikimedia Commons

Demolition is expected to be completed by June 2023 and city leadership could not be happier with the property's removal. Below are direct quotes from the press release:

This demolition is long overdue for our community. As we have seen, the former mall structure was a blight and a hazard for our public safety personnel. Dallas deserves safe structures, a strong International District, and a vibrant new development on the site of the former Valley View Mall. This is a major step forward on every front.

– Eric Johsnson, Mayor


With today’s demolition of the remaining structure of Valley View Mall, we turn the page on this long dormant property and safety hazard in our community. We look ahead to transforming the area, including as part of the planned Dallas International District.

– Jaynie Schultz, District 11 City Council Member


It is always our practice to work towards a constructive resolution that serves the residents of Dallas. I want to thank the community for not giving up on us and to the team for their commitment to getting this done.

– T.C. Broadnax, Dallas City Manager

With the demolition of the mall, there isa whole swath of prime real estate ready for redevelopment. Given Dallas' substaintial urban sprawl, locations like these outside of the inner radius of the city present the opportunity to reach both city dwellers and suburbanites.

For more information, please see the press release.